February 19, 2020
Francestown Land Trust Expands Conservation Corridor:
St. Jean Easement Donation Completed
At the end of December 2019, the Francestown Land Trust (FLT) completed the St. Jean Conservation Easement project which protects 33.5 acres of woodlands and over 3000 feet of scenic frontage along Bennington Road/Route 47.  Jim and Cindy St. Jean purchased the land with the idea of conserving it from development and ensuring access for outdoor recreational use.  Jim is an avid alpinist and mountain biker.  Ensuring that the property remains open for recreational use, including for biking, was important to him and his wife.   The easement ensures that this scenic and historic property will remain preserved and open for recreational use for future generations to come. READ THE ENTIRE PRESS RELEASE 

Francestown Land Trust Conserves Active Scenic Farmland:
Abbottville Farm Easement Completed

On December 23, 2019, the Francestown Land Trust (FLT) completed the Abbottville Farm Conservation Easement Project which protects forty acres of scenic agricultural fields and adjacent forest well known to all who drive the Second NH Turnpike from Mont Vernon to Francestown.  The conservation easement will allow the current landowner, Robert Abbott, to continue to use the property as both pasture and forestland, as his family has for generations.  READ THE ENTIRE PRESS RELEASE

May 31, 2018

The Samuels Forest / Crotched Mountain West Project

FLT is very pleased to announce the closing on the 118.62 acre Samuels property located on Mountain Road in Bennington.  We previously referred to this as the Crotched Mountain West project.


The Francestown Land Trust (FLT) is proud to announce the acquisition of the COLLINS BROOK HEADWATERS property. This project was the result of the collaborative effort of the Francestown Land Trust and the Francestown Conservation Commission (FCC). This purchase adds a critical one hundred acre lot to the Shattuck-Dinsmore land protection initiative that includes the Dinsmore Brook Conservation Area and the Shattuck Pond Town Forest. 


FLT Acquires Rectangular “Hole” to Complete

the Turner Property

In November 2016, FLT acquired a roughly one acre parcel, completing a “missing” rectangle in FLT’s 86 acre Turner property.  The Turner property was acquired in 2006 and is an integral part of FLT’s Rand Brook Forest.  

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​Recommendations for Disposal of Non-native, Invasive Land Plants
Prepared by the Francestown Land Trust
Non-native, invasive plants such as Japanese Knotweed, Multiflora Rose or Oriental Bittersweet, can be a real nuisance. They can spread easily, choke out desirable native plants and cost taxpayers billions of dollars each year. The Francestown Land Trust urges everyone to dispose of invasives carefully and adopt recommendations described in the following summary ...

​Francestown Conservation Commission/Town Forests