Incentive Program, NH DES’s Aquatic Resource Mitigation, private foundations) and good public relations campaigns. Two FLT-owned properties and two FLT conservation easements have been assisted by NH LCHIP grants. FLT has successfully completed all LCHIP project closings and stewardship requirements (baseline documentation reports, management plans, annual monitoring) since 2009. 
    FLT is a member of the Land Trust Alliance (LTA), has adopted the LTA’s Standards and Practices and has developed and implemented a comprehensive operating policy manual, updated in 2014, based on LTA standards and practices. Our policies stipulate that we communicate with our conservation easement landowners annually, that the easement properties are inspected in person yearly, and a report retained for the records. These policies have been consistently followed. In addition, all FLT-owned properties are inspected yearly with a written report retained. The summary of all inspections are presented yearly to the board of directors. In part because of good landowner relations, FLT has not been involved in any easement violation that could not be resolved through verbal discussions with the person involved in the violation—nevertheless, FLT has a detailed violations policy it can follow should more serious violations occur. All of FLT’s conservation easements are insured through the Terrafirma Risk Retention Group, LLC.

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    Founded in 1986, the Francestown Land Trust (FLT) is dedicated to protecting critical natural land areas in Francestown, New Hampshire, and nearby environs. A registered 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization, FLT can hold and monitor conservation easements, help negotiate land transfers, and, with public support, purchase sensitive properties. FLT is a completely volunteer organization that relies on private donations for its work and is separate from the town Conservation Commission.
    Currently, the organization owns properties totaling 1,259 acres, including the Rand Brook Forest  and Schott Brennan Falls Reserve. All land owned by FLT is open for public use. In addition, FLT holds conservation easements on 35 privately owned properties, helping to protect an additional 1,812 acres. With one Executory Interest, FLT helps to protect a total area of 3,096 acres.  
    FLT maintains this website, publishes a semi-annual newsletter, schedules hikes, and provides financial support for an environmental education program run by the Harris Center for Conservation Education in the Francestown Elementary School. It also partners with the Francestown Conservation Commission, the Francestown News and the George Holmes Bixby Memorial Library in the Joan Hanchett Nature Series which sponsors presentations on nature and wildlife and related activities in Francestown.  

​    Most of FLT’s land conservation projects have combined significant successful public fundraising, grant writing (e.g., NH Land and Community Heritage Investment Program (LCHIP), Fish and Game's Landowner

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Francestown Land Trust, Inc., is a registered 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization.
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